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I know He hears

By Sheryl Johnson

Each night I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I pray my love to Him each night
and to always keep us in His light.
I know He hears each word I speak
and listens to each and all I seek,
for every morning that I wake
I realize all He’s done for my sake.
Sometimes I ask Him to hold me tight
and to help me make it through the night.
I know He hears each and every prayer,
for I feel His arms and how they care.
I pray that my food He will bless
and I pray He will listen as I confess.
Now I know He hears me as I pray,
for I feel at ease at the end of each day.
I know He hears each time I bow
and I know He’s listening to me right now.
I know my troubles on Him have poured,
but I know He hears, for he’s my Lord.


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