Jesus longs to enter YOUR life!

Read Luke 9:1-10

God often visit people. The Bible is filled with descriptions of instances where God visited people.When Jesus went to Jericho, it was not a coincidental visit. He entered not only Zacchaeus’s home but his heart as well, and touched his whole life.

This was important, because instead of Zacchaeus owning his possessions, Zacchaeus’s possesions owned him!

Zacchaeus was rejected by the community as a tax collector, but Jesus touched him in love and he opened his home to the Lord – and his heart along with it. Thus Jesus took possession
of the rich man’s entire life.

What is it that enslaves you?

Could it be your house, your business, your career, your sport, or your personal capabilities?

It could even be your failures!

You might be inextricably bound by your sins, or your fears, or your problems.

Allow Jesus and his love to enter your life and change it today – just as he did with Zacchaeus.

Let him become a reality in your life.

Ask him to take complete possession of everything concerning you.

“Enter, Lord Jesus, and take possession of my deepest being. sit on the throne of my heart and reign over my life.”

Adapted from: “His Language Is Love” by Solly Ozrovech


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