God’s love is for you personally!

by: Solly Ozrovech

People often are reluctant to take their needs to God because they think that they

unworthy of him. They feel that they do not want to take advantage of God by

approaching him when they are in distress, especially if they feel that they have

neglected him.People suffer unnecessarily from pain and worry, anxiety and stress,

because they cannot, or will not, confess their deepest needs before God’s forgiving

and eternal love,Throughout your whole life it is essential to remind yourself of the

exceptional relationship that exists between you and God!He is your Father in heaven

who loves you with a love so incomprehensible that no one can fathom or describe it.

God is your Father who is always ready and willing to forgive you and to receive you

back into the family, because he loves you!

He is your Father who, because he wants to nuture you in his love, invites you

through Jesus Christ to cast all your cares and burdens upon him.

All you need is to turn to God and receive the blessings of his pardoning love.

In the storms of life’s problems, you can do no other if you yearn to live in love and

peace with yourself and God.

HEAR his language of love!

Read Hewbrews :12-16


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