By Sammy Poole

What a tangled web we wove,

when from our land the Lord we drove;

Our world around us began to all,

“Where God was through it all?”

His answer came with pained chargin,

You told me ‘to leave’ – Not ‘to come in’;

That you were ‘big enough’ to handle your care,

You had no need for Me – and prayer,

I took you at your word, you see,

You were ‘big now’ and ‘didn’t need me’;

I stood there watching the ‘big boy’ fall,

Waiting, once more, for you to call.

And in spite of all your pride and sin,

I’m ever-present – as I have always been;

So humble yourself beneath my hand;

I will hear from heaven, and heal your land.

Remember this time, with all its woes,

And learn the truth a ‘big boy’ knows;

I am God, and hear the pleas,

Of child, or nation, on its knees.


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