His Language Is Love

From:  “His Language Is Love” Author:  Solly Ozrovech

From eternity to eternity;  we are embraced,  encircled and encompassed by God’s love.  It was the inexplicable love of God that caused his Son to suffer, hang on a cross, and descend into the realm of the dead.  Nothing binds us as tightly to our Saviour as does the realisation that the Father loves us,  and always has loved us,  unconditionally and unendingly.

God speaks his language of love to us in a multitude of ways.  It is everywhere to be heard – in our relating to family,  friends and neighbours;  in the vast realm of nature with its myriad wonders;  in the colours of the settting of the sun;  in the colours of the rainbow and the sound of the wind through the trees;  in every flower, bush and creature.  The entire universe vibrates to the heartbeat of God’s love.


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