The Great Physician

(Author Unknown)

Welcome to the Great Physician

Office hours are as you come,

He’s a Specialist in all problems

And His day is never done.

He can heal a heart that’s broken

He can mend the spirit, too,

No matter what your ailment

He does have the cure for you.

His fee for service never alters

He serves rich and poor as well,

He’s our one chance for Salvation,

He alone saves us from Hell.

There’s no fee for services rendered

All He asks is that we believe,

That He bled and died to save us

And all His blessings we will receive.

Do you have a special problem

That is troubling you this hour?

Then just simply leave it with Him

You can find no greater power.

Don’t delay in seeking treatment

Please, my friend, don’t hesitate,

For His office is soon closing

And He’ll shut and lock the gate.

I wouldn’t want you to suffer

While the Doctor’s so close by,

Your whole life will be much better

If my Physician you will try.

When You Have Sinned… Call Psalm 51
When You Deal with Fear… Call Psalm 34:7
When You Need Someone to Trust… Call Proverb 3:5
When Someone Comes Against You… Call Isaiah 54:17
When You Need Christian Assurance… Call Romans 8:1-30
When You Need God’s Mercy… Call Psalm 56
When You Get Tired of Doing Good… Call Galatians 6:9
When You Get Angry… Call Ephesians 4:26
When You Feel like You Can’t Go on… Call Philippians 4:13
When You Need General Help… Call Psalm 121


Prayer of Praise

Jude 1:24-25

To him who is able to keep you from falling,

and to bring you faultless and joyful before

his glorious presence to the only God our Saviour,

through Jesus Christ our Lord,

be glory, majesty, might, and authority,

from all ages past, and now, and for ever and ever!


Brother Lawrence

Those who have the gale of the Holy Spirit go forward even in sleep.

If the vessel of our soul is still tossed with winds and storms,

let us awake the Lord who reposes in it.

He will quickly calm the sea.

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

John 14:15-30

If you love me, you will obey my commandments.

I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, who will stay with you for ever.

He is the Spirit who reveals the truth about God.

The world cannot receive him, because it cannot see him or know him.

But you know him, because he remains with you and is in you.

When I go, you will not be left all alone; I will come back to you.

In a little while the world will see me no more, but you will see me; and because I live, you also will live.

When that day comes, you will know that I am in my Father
and that you are in me, just as I am in you.

Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me.

My Father will love those who love me;

I too will love them and reveal myself to them.

Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, “Lord, how can it be that you will reveal yourself to us and not to the world?”

Jesus answered him, “Whoever loves me will obey my teaching.

My Father will love him, and my Father and I will come to him and live with him.

Whoever does not love me does not obey my teaching.

And the teaching you have heard is not mine, but comes from the Father, who sent me.

I have told you this while I am still with you.

The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name,
will teach you everything and make you remember all that I have told you.

“Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you.

I do not give it as the world does.

Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid.

You heard me say to you, ‘I am leaving, but I will come back to you.’

If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father;
for he is greater than I.

I have told you this now before it all happens,
so that when it does happen, you will believe.

I cannot talk with you much longer, because the ruler of this world is coming.

He has no power over me, but the world must know that I love the Father; that is why I do everything as he commands me.

Jesus the Way to the Father

John 14:1-7

Do not be worried and upset,” Jesus told them.

Believe in God and believe also in me.

There are many rooms in my Father’s house,

and I am going to prepare a place for you.

I would not tell you this if it were not so.

And after I go and prepare a place for you,

I will come back and take you to myself,

so that you will be where I am.

You know the way that leads to the place where I am going.

Thomas said to him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going;

so how can we know the way to get there?”

Jesus answered him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life;

no one goes to the Father except by me.

Now that you have known me,” he said to them,

you will know my Father also,

and from now on you do know him and you have seen him.

When I Say, “I Am A Christian”

By: Carol S. Wimmer

When I say, “I am a Christian,”
I’m not shouting “I am saved.”
I’m whispering “I was lost”;
That is why I chose this way.

When I say, “I am a Christian,”
I don’t speak of this with pride.
I’m confessing that I stumble,
And need someone to be my guide.

When I say, “I am a Christian,”
I’m not trying to be strong.
I’m professing that I’m weak,
And pray for strength to carry on.

When I say, “I am a Christian,”
I’m not bragging of success.
I’m admitting I have failed,
And cannot ever pay the debt.

When I say, “I am a Christian,”
I’m not claiming to be perfect.
My flaws are too visible,
But God believes I’m worth it.

When I say, “I am a Christian,”
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches,
Which is why I speak His name.

When I say, “I am a Christian,”
I do not wish to judge.
I have no authority;
I only know I’m loved.

The Prayer of Jabez

1 Chronicles 4:10

But Jabez prayed to the God of Israel,

“Bless me, God, and give me much land.

Be with me and keep me from anything

evil that might cause me pain.”

And God gave him what he prayed for.